Our Mission

GWSC translates water and environmental science to help key global decision makers improve security at the intersection of water, energy, food, and health. Using best practices in risk communications, GWSC:

  • Works with US and international leaders to identify and interpret environmental security information needs
  • Identifies cutting-edge science to inform environmental security needs
  • Provides and interprets data for use by decisionmakers
  • Spurs new research when critical information is lacking
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The Latest News from GWSC

Our Work

GWSC’s capacities and current work include:

  • Seasonal forecasts with associated water, food, health, and energy implications
  • Country-specific water risk assessments
  • Environmental links with security issues like migration and conflict
  • Adaptation responses to rising sea level and other impacts of a changing climate
  • Support for military tabletop exercises and planning
  • An environmental data analysis system that allows analysts to produce water and environmental security risk assessments