Global Water Security Center

Providing decision makers with the most reliable, ground-breaking research, applied scientific techniques, and best practices so that the hydrologic cycle and its potential impacts can be put in a context for appropriate action and response by the United States

Now Hiring

The Global Water Security Center seeks individuals who are passionate about science, climate, and water security to join a small, high-performing team to provide analyses to key global decision makers. If you are looking for a role that takes research from the page to the field, our analysts and story wranglers identify and translate the science of water, food, health, and energy for decision-makers in the real world.

GWSC is able to hire remotely, but we have a strong preference for in-person employees. UA is unable to hire remotely in some locations; if on your UA Jobs application you select to work remotely from one of those locations your application may be automatically screened out and GWSC staff will not have the opportunity to review it.

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Position Descriptions

GWSC is not actively accepting applications for any positions. Check back here and on our social media channels for updates.

GWSC's Mission

GWSC translates water and environmental science to help key global decision makers improve security at the intersection of water, energy, food, and health.

GWSC's Vision

GWSC aims to be the go-to translator of water science to support water and environmental security, providing scientific insight and analysis of global water and environmental data.

The GWSC Team


Mike Gremillion
Kate Brauman
Deputy Director
Hobson Bryan
Assistant Director for Information Technology

Analysis and Communications

Kaitlin Kimmel-Hass

Environmental Data Scientist

Sambedi Majumder

Environmental Data Scientist

Misty Mathews

Communications Liaison

Penelope Mitchell

Human-Environmental Analyst

Erin Menzies Pluer

Environmental Data Scientist

Nicholas Roberge

Senior Geospatial Intelligence Analyst

Penny Beames

Human-Environmental Analyst (Contract)

Coming Soon

Scientific Analysis Manager

Coming Soon

Geospatial Intelligence Analyst

Coming Soon

Human-Environmental Analyst