Global Water Security Center

Providing decision makers with the most reliable, ground-breaking research, applied scientific techniques, and best practices so that the hydrologic cycle and its potential impacts can be put in a context for appropriate action and response by the United States

2022-23 Annual Report

Click the image above to view the 2022-23 GWSC Annual Report

A Note from GWSC Director Mike Gremillion

Over the past three years, the Global Water Security Center has gone from mostly an idea to a functioning resource that translates science to aid decision making around water security. We are excited to share some of our recent progress in our first annual report.

From the start, our aim has been to bring a unique contribution by translating water science into easy-to-understand analyses that can be put to work in real-world situations and events. To support that effort, we have grown our staff of analysts to enable GWSC to produce high-quality situational overviews in both short and medium formats. In 2022-23, we added four analysts to the team, with an additional three slated to join before the end of the year.

We’ve also made significant progress toward the full public launch of our Global Water Data Viewer, an online repository of global water and environmental security information and analysis. We made a Beta version of the product available to testers in summer 2023 and received outstanding feedback that will help bring it over the finish line.

As we continue to grow, we look forward to being able to generate even more content and build partnerships that will help increase situational awareness of global water security issues and support decision making at the water-food-health-energy nexus.

Here’s to the future of water security!

Mike Gremillion, GWSC Director