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GWSC Welcomes Three New Data Scientists

The Global Water Security Center is pleased to welcome three new environmental data scientists to its staff.

Dr. Kaitlin Kimmel-Hass is an ecologist and data scientist who’s past research has included topics like biodiversity loss, adaptive management, meta science, and causal inference. She has worked with government agencies, non-profit organizations, for-profit companies, land stewards to ask questions and conduct research through her career. Read more here.

Dr. Sambadi (Sam) Majumder is a seasoned Data Scientist with a rich background in ecology, agronomy, and biology, currently based in South Royalton, Vermont. With a career marked by stints at prestigious institutions and companies such as NASA, Bayer, and Becton Dickinson and Company, Sambadi is adept in applying data science to complex ecological and agricultural systems. Read more here.

Dr. Erin Menzies Pluer is an Environmental Engineer and Hydrologist. She comes to the Global Water Security Center with experience in water security in both a research and a policy context. Her research focuses on water resources management in agricultural landscapes in the international development and water security domains. Read more here.

“We’re really excited to welcome Kaitlin, Sam, and Eric to the GWSC team,” said GWSC Deputy Director Dr. Kate Brauman, who also oversees the organization’s science and analysis functions. “They are each extremely talented data scientists who will add another helpful, necessary dimension to GWSC’s growing body of work in the water security realm.”

Drs. Kimmel-Hass, Majumder, and Menzies Pluer officially joined GWSC Monday, Nov. 6. To read more about the GWSC team, visit the “Our Team” page.