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Visualizing Uncertainty Webinar Recording Now Available!

GWSC hosted the latest gathering in its Deep Dive Webinar series, Visualizing Uncertainty, June 13. Guests included GWSC Environmental Data Scientist Dr. Kaitlin Kimmel-Hass; Dr. Jennifer Moslemi, founder of CaravanLab, a science communications company; and Dr. Max Schneider, a research statistician with the U.S. Geological Survey. You can view the webinar recording on our YouTube channel.

For more information about Dr. Schneider’s research, check out:

  • This paper on testing three ways of visualizing uncertainty on aftershock forecast maps, with experimental tasks based on communication goals we got from interviews with emergency managers;
  • This paper on how to choose colors and classification schemes for seismic hazard maps, including an evaluation of our method for a redesigned German seismic hazard map;
  • This paper about stakeholder workshops (dozen of professions) our USGS+ project team ran in three countries to understand user needs for aftershock forecast information and products.
You can also sign up for the CaravanLab newsletter at the bottom of its homepage to keep up with Dr. Moslemi’s work, and follow the organization on Facebook and Instagram.

Please note that, due to technical issues, the first 10 minutes of the webinar were not recorded.