Global Water Security Center

Providing decision makers with the most reliable, ground-breaking research, applied scientific techniques, and best practices so that the hydrologic cycle and its potential impacts can be put in a context for appropriate action and response by the United States

Our Objectives

The Global Water Security Center’s primary objectives are to:
  1. Enhance water and environmental security situational awareness;
  2. Develop a repository of water and environmental security indices;
  3. Facilitate and fund research on water security issues with UA faculty and government agencies;
  4. Provide consequence management analysis at the nexus of water, food, energy, and health;
  5. Use advanced communications technology such as AI, cloud computing and big data;
  6. Effectively communicate and engage with UA, State of Alabama, Gulf Coast partners, Congressional members/staffs, federal agencies, and multi-national companies;
  7. Transfer data science and analytical best practices (knowledge, expertise, and methodologies) to University faculty and students; and
  8. Provide water/environmental education to K-12 students/educators and train UA students to be future scientists and leaders.